Kennedy Grace Gallery started as a pop up gallery in 2017 based out of Long Beach, California working in beautifully unique spaces that included a boutique chocolate shop, a creatively curated retail store, a chic hair salon, a popular wine bar and more. Over the years, founder Amy Stock, worked closely with these business owners to create each business' branded vibe with rotating artwork for sale. This experience has provided Amy with the skills, know how and understanding of the complexity that comes with hanging artwork in all of these unique spaces. She enjoys the challenge of mixing a formula that provides both function and a feeling for her clients.

In the Fall of 2022, Amy relocated her business to the Bay Area in Marin County, California. With a shift in gears, Amy is translating her past experience by providing these same services for your home. Services include assistance in procuring new art, as well as framing and hanging of both new and existing art in your collection.

Amy has also carefully curated the artwork you'll see at Kennedy Grace Gallery's online gallery on this website. You will find artwork that has a strong sense of connection to nature, as well as, the beauty surrounding us. 


Amy Stock lives a life of beauty that she wants to share with you. Born on a prairie grass and wildflower farm in Nebraska, Amy was taught at a young age to appreciate the beauty and nature that surrounded her. Growing up, she found the females in her life encouraging her creativity while the entreprenurial spirit of the men undoubtedly rubbed off on her. Combining these two forces took time as Amy explored different careers in sales and marketing taking her from Omaha, to Chicago to Huntington Beach. When she finally landed in Long Beach, that's when the realization of doing business in the art world checked all of the boxes. While mostly living in downtown city environments most of her adult life, 2022 became a shifting point for Amy, yearning for the peace and quiet that living on a farm gave her. She made the move from buzzing city life of downtown Long Beach to the magical tranquility of Marin County in the Bay Area of California. Amy is constantly seeking the beauty and nature that surround her which you will see heavily influences her curatorial style.


Kennedy Grace Gallery is named after my great grandmother Grace Kennedy. Her creativity spanned from the canvas, to textiles to the written word. At the beginning stages of starting my gallery and coming up with a name, I was often thinking about my ancestors before me and all they did to get me to the point where I was in my life. A lot culturally was happening in 2017 that kept leading me to think more about Grace Kennedy. My grandmother (Grace's only daughter) had done a tremendous amount of work in tracing Grace's ancestry all the way back to them landing in the US in the 1600's. But I kept going back to a short section in my grandmother's findings. She believed that her mother, Grace, lost her citizenship when she married her Danish immigrant husband in 1914. My mind went spinning, did that mean that when women won the right to vote in 1920 she was no longer considered a citizen even though she was born a citizen and had never even visited another country? Did Grace even know that she'd lost her citizenship when marrying an immigrant? Did she know that she couldn't vote when women finally won the right to vote? Mind you, my grandmother had done all of her research before Google existed. So that's exactly where I went first, the answer has to be on Google, right? While I did find more information to backup this idea, I wasn't able to find substantial information until a few years after I named my gallery after Grace Kennedy. Yes, she did lose her citizenship when she married. The rest of the questions I'll probably never know the answers. So for this, I've named my gallery after my great grandmother who lost her voice.